Trends in Architecture

It is often said that change is the only thing in life that is constant. In regard to architecture, building and designs, then this statement stands no criticism. The amount of acclaim and appreciation of new architectural designs is overwhelming. Although it is not comprehensively practical to pull down all the old buildings in most cities of the world for renovation and rebuilding because of the cost implications, some state governments see it necessary. The reason behind this recovery is the difference in between the old and the new architectural designs. The aesthetic value that the new designs have been associated with the boost of tourists visiting cities and investors too, hence they have an economic implication on cities.

Perhaps the most unfortunate opportunities that drive countries to shift to the digital architecture are the natural calamities like hurricanes and tsunamis. A perfect example is New York and New Jerseys which were recently hit by a hurricane. As a necessity to rebuild parts of these states, the government reconsiders not just replacing the buildings but also improving them. This is an opportunity to build using the latest architectural designs that will not only be beautiful but also will include the best technology that will reduce the effects of hurricanes.

The desire to live in the cities is increasing in different cities if the world. For whatever reasons that might be leading to this trend, of importance becomes the type of housing that will be required to cater for this ever growing population. Most countries will not desire an overstretching of resource by its people. This being the case, there is a need for architects to survey, plan and design houses that will comfortably accommodate its people. This will have to take into considerations for roads and tail transport while at the same time taking a care not to cause congestion.