Modern Architecture and Its Conspicuous Features

Architecture is as old as mankind, what has changed is the features and designs which I am not so sure to call them changes or modification of the original. Ever man moved from living on the tree to caves at least going by the assertions of evolution, architecture has featured prominently as long as building and housing is concerned.

Early civilization in different parts of the world entered with the announcement of different architectural designs that set the foundation for modern designs. Greece, Egypt and Rome considered the stepping block in this discourses, had their names well established in architectural designs, a prove that is seen even today.

Today, architecture has embraced completely new features together with the modification of the early designs while at the same time retaining some of the basics of old architectural designs. Some of which include:

Use of ancient materials

The idea of modern architectural material does not mean that materials have to change completely. Bricks and wood are among the most common material. The only thing that has changed is their use. Wood has been decorated, shaped and panted to give the best of it, the same applies to brick. The use of plaster which makes walls made of bricks smooth is a feature widely accepted in architecture as modern.

Emphasis on Function

Modern architecture has placed close attention to the function and use of buildings and structures. As opposed to ancient architecture where only the rich had a chance to vividly show their architectural prowess through their palaces and national monuments, modern architecture emphasizes on different designs depending on the function of the building. For example administrative buildings like Burj Khalifa of Dubai which can be compared to ancient Greek towers, mosques and churches have their own architectural following based on their different functions.

Use of man made materials

Metal and glass are among the new materials that have been introduced in modern architecture and their success in overwhelmingly embraced.