How Architecture Has Incorporated Technology

That every field has embraced technology is in no doubt. This is a fact that any critic would find hard to criticize because the simplest of things that we do in our everyday life like cycling, exercising at the GYM, processing of the food we eat even driving feels the effects of technology. At the pace in which innovations and technological advancement are moving soon everything will require the use of technology.

This development has been felt in architecture which is one of the earliest fields. Although it is safe to say that ancient architectural designs had less use of technological knowhow, there was the use of basic technological means at the least. Thus, it is important to acknowledge that technology is as inevitable as architecture itself as long as building and construction is concerned in provision of homes and infrastructure in general.

Today, the turn of technology is that of providing as many machines as there are tasks to be carried out. The following are some technological concepts used in architecture:
Computer Architecture

The entry of computer as a modern technology has an ultimate effect on architecture as long as the use of technology is concerned. Computers have not only simplified things but also substituted paper work. It is much easier and efficient to have a design, planning and measurements drawn in a computer than on paper. Instead of using models of designs, the computer has made designs of buildings real by having the actual product in front of your screen.

Digital Architecture

This saying that we are living in a digital world is now becoming a cliché. The twenty first century can be described to be at the apex of innovation. Today, architects are having a smooth ride, especially now that there is the Computer Aided Drafting. Any architect that does not found this software useful is very old. CAD is a computer software that keeps papers in the dust bin because planning, drawing and drafting is done online.