Historical Influences of Architectural Development

The construction of houses is an art which develops and changes after a period of time. The methods used to construct houses and other structures in the colonial period cannot compared be with the methods used in the current times. Architectures has improved their skills in construction and abandoned some ways. The changing of styles is brought about with changes in fashion and preferences, adoption of new ideas and the presence of new technology. With time people change their beliefs and religion which may have influenced their ways of construction and which may have determined the type of structures to live in. this are the major influences to architecture.


Styles come and go in architecture. A particular style may be the in thing at a particular period but after some time it fades away. People tend to change to new styles regarding the previous one to be old school or out dated. Architects should therefore learn to adapt to new ideas. A new idea over time goes through a transition period leading to different styles when combined with other styles. A particular style is adapted by different people in other places which make it vulnerable to changes leading to an emergence of a better style. In the past especially during the colonial period people in a particular region adapted to ways brought in by their colonial masters. This made colonialism to be the major way of spreading a particular construction style. A building in Europe could be identical to one in Asia or in Africa.


The movement of people from their places of residence to different places was also is major influence to styles. People make houses in their new areas of residence. The neighbors tend to copy them in construction and they also get ideas from their neighbors. This leads to adoption of new ideas by both parties and in the process a new way of construction comes up.