Art in Architecture

Architecture is almost as old as mankind. To some people architecture is cultural. The idea of construction is also an old one. While architecture has made great steps in advancement, the idea is ideally the same from the beginning of construction. The only difference of architecture of today and the ancient one is in the style of construction of structure.

Science has contributed much in architecture not much in what is constructed but on the method of construction. Because of development of technology, what is constructed has inevitably demanded scientific approach to construction, a development that has lead to debates concerning the identity of architecture the most notable concern being whether architecture is a science or an art.

Different people have had their views but one thing has always remained. The way one views architecture will give you the answer to this question. However, when you look at the origin, style and approach of architecture, you will notice that it is more of an art than a science.

Below are some of the feature of architecture that qualifies it to be an art.


While architecture may use measurement an aspect of science, construction design compels us to conclude that it is actually an art. Designing demands creativity and imagination which are aspects that are deeply rooted in art. To come up with a design incorporating deferent features is artistic in itself.


Science is more concerned with proof and observation while art is concerned with aesthetics. The beauty of a building is artistic with each color chosen specifically to complement the artwork.

Drawing and painting

For the longest time drawing has been an art which is an aspect that is right at the center of architecture. Drawing of houses, map work and painting are compulsory skills in architecture. All these are only combined with other skills to create another art form, otherwise they are in almost all art forms.