Architecture – A Science or an Art

Architecture – A Science or an Art
The fate of Architecture being and art or science is arguable with people bringing in credible arguments on either side. From these arguments, it is easier to make a credible conclusion. A safer way of doing this is to keenly look at the tenets of each side and what happens in both.

There is close relationship between Architecture and art. This can be derived from the common doings in art. Arts are mainly concerned with aesthetics, colors and design. You will or you have probably heard the jargon Architectural design. What does this really mean? We know that there are fields that are out rightly science based like Biology, Medicine and Analytical Chemistry. You will hardly hear a doctor telling you that they are looking for the best design to treat a patient or they are choosing the right color of medicine that will go well with the patient. This therefore mean that jargon in art that are heavily borrowed by Architecture prove that architecture is an art.
While Science deals much with facts and research which are also components of art, Architecture borrows from creativity and imagination. Architects will create a design from imagination and go ahead to apply the best of color in paint for the aesthetics of the house.

Drawing and sketching is another form of art that has been embraced by Architects. Others have brought their creativity in defining Architecture by arguing that the word Architecture is derived from Arts only a more serious art.

On the other hand, proponents of Architecture being a science have their facts right. Methodology and approaches in sciences have widely been evident in Architecture. For example an architect has to have the right measurement of a house and the rooms before building it. Again, there has to be planning and dividing of materials in proportions that will best suit a given house. These are methods that are at the center of science, in fact they define science.

It therefore seems that Architecture is a discipline that amalgamates science and art.