Architectural Ware

Architecture is the art of designing and constructing buildings. The construction of the designed buildings requires materials and some of the materials required are:


This is a construction material composed of water, cement, sand and crushed rocks. It is used to make foundations, pavements, footings and other structures. It’s used because it becomes hard and strong when it’s left for a period of time therefore making strong structures.


This is a viscous black liquid used mostly in the construction of roads to bind the crushed rocks making it an asphalt concrete.


Architectures use cement to bind construction aggregates together; this is due to its hardening independently when hydrolyzed. It is a powder made from volcanic ash, burnt lime and pulverized bricks.

Composite materials

They are made from more than two materials which do not react to make a different material chemically. Some of the common composite materials are like disc brake pads, fiber glasses used in bathtubs and cultured marble sinks. They are mostly used in the decoration of buildings.


Bricks are blocks of ceramic materials. They come in different sizes and strengths. Bricks are made from clay, shaped stone and some from concrete. They are stacked together using concrete or sometimes without to make structures that become permanent. Normally they are laid horizontally to make walls.

Together with other materials this materials make structures and buildings that stand out in harsh weather conditions. These materials have been used by architectures for a long period of time due their durability.