Architectural Technology

This is the jargon that has developed over time in the field of Architecture and is still used to day. Terminology, just like a new language grows and sometimes dies when it has become out of date and therefore it is no longer used. Technology and vigorous research has contributed to a lot of terminology that have complemented the early jargon these are like:


This is a person that is qualified to design a house and in some countries, they must be registered with the local Architectural boards for approval and for practicing licenses. An architect has a specialization on a particular field in construction. They work in collaboration with site engineers and project managers for bigger projects.

Building Surveyor

This is a person who has specialized in construction and law. He leads or works with the designing team to come up with final draft or map of the house.

Building Inspector

For quality and safety purposes, the government sets up trained people in construction to go on site ensuring that all the laws and requirements for construction are met.

Clerk of Works

This is a person that works for either the client of the architect to ensure that all the agreement between the client and the architect are followed. His work includes ensuring that the right materials are used by the contractor.


This is the person that is handed the responsibility of actual building. The contractor normally comes on site with his team of workers.


This is the person who designs a building. He advices the client on the kind of house that can fit his plot, issues of landscape and best material to use of their land.


This is a person, group of people or an organization that does the work of putting up a building with the intention of letting or giving the building to another person’s use for profit.