Architectural Jargon

Every field has its own crafted jargon that only best fits it. Jargon is a collection of words, group of words or phrase used by people in particular field for better and easier communication not to hide from people who are not in that field. Architecture being one of the oldest disciplines since beginning of life, has over time collected and crafted its own jargon. Ancient Greek, Egypt, Rome and France being among the pioneers of modern architecture have contributed greatly in these jargon.
Academie de Beaux Arts, an architectural school in France made sure that every student of architecture learned these terms. It was the first architectural school of its kind in Europe in the 16th century. The jargon should be understood in the context of drawing, sculpture and craft. Architectural jargon include:


This includes the aesthetics of a building as it is drawn. Since architects must have a pictorial representation of their intended building on paper first before construction. A complete drawing includes not only a house/ the building but all other thongs that contributes to the buildings presentability and beauty. Entourage includes people, trees, cars and garden.


This is the representation of a building by using papers glued on a big board so that it becomes like a map.


It is the initial sketchy drawing that gives direction to the final drawing that will be used in construction.
Esquisse – Esquisse

Since these jargon were used in school and students were expected to use them in their stay in school, there was school work that included a lot of drawing. Therefore deadlines were given for a sketch drawing. For example esquisse – esquisse was a sketch that was to be drawn in an hourly limit of 4 to 8.


Whenever students used their materials effectively and efficiently and therefore attained their goal, this was called materiality.