An Architect’s Diary

Architecture is an interesting field especially when you have a passion, drive and will. It is fallacious and shallow to think that an architect just designs houses. There is more in their plate. Well design is just one of the things that they do. There are many things that determine what an architect will do in a particular day. One of these things is the goals that they want to achieve. Where they work and how they want to do what they want to do. I sat and thought of how to explain what an architect does and the best answer that I could think of is to describe the co – activities that an architect does before building anything:

Initiating a project

An architect has to look for clients. This is done in different ways like advertisement and application for job adverts. Once he/she finds a client, the architect has to get the right and basic information on the need and aspirations of the client. This is a very crucial stage because the budget has to be formulated and the architect has to advice the client on the best possible design of the house.


This is a very important phase of building and most designers are identified with this part of the job. Designing involves coming up with the best possible style of the house that will please the client and sometime involves identifying the best location for the house. This is where the architect will make sketches and drawings of the house and everything that will be built.


This is a legal part of the building procedure. Having cleared with the client on the necessary building designs, the architect has to meet the authorities for approval of the house.

Here is where the architects come with other group of workers like contractors and builders who do the actual building.