Architecture is one of the most prestigious and noble fields in the world classified with the likes of Medicine and engineering. It is also a very old discipline. It is interesting to note that Architecture is both a product and activity. As a product, it involves all the designs of construction that are visible while as a process, it may be considered as a course. Architecture involves planning, building, measurement erection of structures. Buildings have a paramount importance in life; not only for survival but also for prestige and most importantly they are a symbol of power and existence. To prove the existence of a kingdom or a city, ancient buildings and architectural designs are used as the proof.

Construction of buildings is both a science and an Art. The aspects of science are demonstrated by the subjective methods of measurement and calculation of angle, while those of Art are demonstrated by drawing and decoration.
While architecture is mainly attributed to building of houses, it is not always that this is so. In ancient kingdoms and world powers, this field played a big role. One of these most notable kingdoms is Egypt. During the rule of Pharaohs, there was great alacrity in construction of pyramids that have came to be national monuments, pride and symbols of power and success of Egypt.

One thing is agreeable about this field-that architecture is dynamic and therefore making it susceptible to change. As more and more research is done on this field, there erupt efforts to satisfy the needs of many people leading to new designs of building and decoration. Also, culture and the purpose for which the buildings are erected dictate the structure, design and decoration of a building. For instance, mosques and temples have stuck to one design for obvious reasons of preserving culture and for the special divine purposes. However houses and offices are completely different. Architects tend to strive to appear unique and different by coming up with newer and more sophisticated designs all these efforts enriching this old field.